Aces of the Tarot of Delphi

Hello, welcome to my news series on the Tarot of Delphi. I finally received the deck for Christmas! I am finding this deck extremely inspiring. The Victorian, aesthetic take on classical subjects; the depiction of my favourite gods, goddesses, and legends; and an original take on Tarot symbolism. As part of my study of the deck, I want to share my insights on art, mythology, and Tarot. Today I will start with the Aces. Continue reading


Tackling limiting beliefs

It is the first free week end I have had in a long time. The sun is shining – another perfect day in Brunswick. To accompany my morning cup of coffee, I took out Sasha Graham’s 365 spreads book. The book is full of inspiring spreads that I adapt and customize (my copy is full of notes and stickers). Continue reading