Interview with the Tarot of Delphi

It is the first day of the Christmas holidays and to celebrate, I am interviewing the Tarot of Delphi. I ordered the Tarot of Delphi as a Christmas present to myself, but I just could not wait for next week.

I was feeling blocked in my relationship with the Celestial Tarot. I used the Celestial Tarot a few times, and ended up very confused about the meaning of the cards. I knew the deck was going to be hard work, but all the images seemed very similar and merged in my mind. It was reaching the point where I was averse to reading my daily Tarot and starting to experience very negative feelings, deliberately avoiding the deck. My vivid dreams had stopped and I was wondering if I had lost my mojo. Has this ever happened to anyone ?

In order to regain my dynamism, I opened my Tarot of Delphi last night. And oh my god, it delivered. I first saw the deck browsing the internet during a business meeting in Sydney. My heart started beating rapidly – Greek mythology? Tick. Pre-Raphaelite artwork? Tick. I could not stop thinking about the deck, so I ordered it soon after. After looking at a few images last night, I put the deck on my nightstand. I had such vivid (and scary) dreams, back to my usual self. This morning I wanted to learn more about the Tarot of Delphi without the LWB, just the deck and my intuition.

I am using the Deck Interview spread by Little Red Tarot – a great spread to interview any deck, or even yourself as a reader !


  1. Tell me about yourself. What kind of deck are you? 3 of Wands

The 3 of Wands shows a beautiful blonde lady wearing a red dress. She is a sheperd directing her goats along the coast, but also a wool spinner. She is bare-footed, grounded in nature. She is looking high up in the distance, to her dreams and aspirations. I’m really loving this version of the 3 of Wands. It is much more playful than standard RWS imagery, a perfect match for the Wands suit. The background is stunning – a calm, deep blue Aegean sea on a summer day. This deck will be about inspiration and self-effort – but not the kind of boring or difficult work evoked by the 3 of Coins or 8 of Coins. It will be an adventure, an industrious cooperation. The deck is rich and bountiful, and like the lady in the image, uses different skills to its advantage.


2. What are your strengths as a deck? Ace of Swords

Holly molly, this deck will not beat around the bush. This deck will communicate the Truth in a very direct way. The brown-haired queen is wearing a gold crown, gold belt, and white gown; she looks powerful and pure. She is staring directly ahead and I cannot take my eyes away from hers. I feel the deck will stare deep into my Truth, and return with some deep messages.

  1. What are your weaknesses as a deck? Judgement

I love the judgement card. To me it signifies a deeper calling – what I should be really focusing on, rather than wondering about dinner and minor riff raff. The judgement card cannot be denied. The calling has already made, and it is a question of giving in and living fully rather than resisting it. I feel the weakness of the deck will be the depth and importance of its messages. The Tarot of Delphi is authoritative, oracular. Its predictions cannot be denied, even if they are difficult to swallow. The card depicts Chronos (the god of time), Death, and Justice (holding a pendulum) – heavy stuff. I might keep the deck for important readings, or it will blow me off my feet!

  1. What will I learn from working with you? The Lovers

The Lovers is an interesting card to me. I only have ever got it twice, during the same reading session with a Melbourne reader. I never pull it out for myself. The card depicts a naked lady and an angel (Cupid) encircling her with his purple wings. The details in the wings are beautiful, and echo the purple flowers at the angel’s feet. There is a small splash of water in the bottom right hand corner. The card has a slight claustrophic feeling, with the two characters so close in the darkness of the wings. Whilst working with the Tarot of Delphi, I will learn about my passion – the deck will envelop me, nurture me, and maybe stiffle me, like an over-bearing lover. It will be a fusional relationship, and it might even be THE deck for a while.


  1. How can we work best together? 4 of Coins

The 4 of Coins is a card that confuses me – is it about greed, stability, security, having a fixed basis? I often pull it out on readings about Tarot or my ability as a reader, and I can never pinpoint whether I should exert more or less control. The interpretation in the Tarot of Delphi is slightly different – we see Narcissus staring directly at his reflection. We cannot see his eyes directly; rather his reflection in the water stares back at us in a strange optical illusion. I feel the deck is pulling me towards it; I will have to stare straight into its gaze and fall in love with it, get completely lost in it (a feeling that echoes the Lovers’ card). Spending some time looking deeply into the images will bring great rewards. Narcissus is wearing a light and loose red gown, and is lying in the grass. This deck will not tolerate a strict approach. I will have to let loose, get down on my knees, and stare deep into its depths.

  1. What will be the outcome of our relationship? 8 of Swords

The 8 of Swords is one of my favourite cards, and the Tarot of Delphi has a great twist on it. We see Andromeda waiting for her rescue, symbolized by the birds in the background. She doesn’t know she will be rescued soon, and still believes herself to be stranded on the island. Her facial expression shows complete surrender to her fate. Her turquoise gown is swirling around her, the waves are heavy, the landscape is rocky. The situation looks bleak, but her nakedness and vulnerability betray a different interpretation. Whilst the 8 of Swords often represents lack of movement, this particular intepretation if full of movement. I think this card indicates that limiting beliefs are about to be broken – the dawn is emerging in the background (reminding me of the 10 of Swords in RWS). Swiftness of the mind will be restored. Through a fusional relationship, the deck will guide me through unhelpful thought patterns, even though its messages might be tough (Judgement).


I cannot wait to discover more about this deck! Whilst I have fallen out of love with one deck, another one has knocked on the door. : )