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One month (and a bit) away

I am writing this blog post from the banks of the river in Kruger National Park, South Africa. I am taking advantage of the 7am rush of internet (before everyone logs on) to reconnect with Tarot blogs and the blogosphere.

2016-03-13 16.27.22

I wrote this two months ago. And never published it. I have been truly awful at blogging, and I guess every blogger has one of those phases. Now I’m Geneva waiting for a meeting to start.



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I have been on the road a lot (on month in South Africa, one month in Australia, and one month in 3 European countries – still not over yet). Travel is not an excuse, but rather a factor that makes finding a life balance, and connecting with my spirituality and creativity very challenging. I’ve travelled more than 4 and a half month a year since 2013 due to my job, and I am still struggling to balance my work life, relationships, and sanity. I am even seeing a work counsellor about it!

Finding balance is something most of us struggle with – whether it’s with time, food, relationships, self-esteem, or anything else. This brings in the Temperance card, which I have never been a fan of. Temperance is a bit moralistic, esoteric, and/or religious for my taste. I am more attracted to the message of the 2 of Pentacles – balance your practical life whilst maintaining poise within.

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The 2 of Pentacles doesn’t feel like balancing is a chore. That’s his raison d’etre. He is playful, engaged, and mindful in all his activities. The card in the Robin Wood tarot (my travel deck) reminds me of Peter Pan, and maybe the belief that we can control it all is childish. Even foolish.

When it goes wrong, it’s all 10 of Wands (one of my stalker cards). I particularly like the version of the Celestial Tarot. Burning away the unnecessary. Rebirth from the ashes. The wands fall off, if only we let them. There is no balance because only one element reigns – Fire. But it feels good and we can start afresh, at least for now, and restart the whole cycle.See original image


I feel this could be the moment for a tarot reading, but deep down, I know what’s up. I am a creature of routines, home, and safety, and being constantly on the road means I can only use my limited energy for required tasks (i.e. day job). All the rest becomes superfluous. I use my time alone to recharge rather than connect with the tarot world, as I look for wisdom within. Looking through my photos, it’s all external objects and places. A few instagram tarot shots in between.

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University of Cape Town

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Melbourne coffee + borderless Spiral tarot = Bliss

I have made adjustments to my practice, as I don’t feel very comfortable or connected doing readings from planes, coffee shops, or hotel rooms. I have maintained a one-week Tarot reading practice (with TABI’s free readers programme); I only read for friends; I’m limiting my practice to one-card a day; I read tarot books on planes.

I am not sure this makes me happy, but this is the current situation. I know that I need my rituals and sanctuaries. I always take incense, a crystal, meditation tapes and books, and at least one tarot deck with me. I put them in a beautiful pouch that now smells of champa (the zouk, as my sister says). These are my safety net. How do you feel at home when on the road?

I have been re-negotiating my work contract to include less travel. I am getting a pet. I am moving flat. I am getting a yoga subscription and committed to a meditation course. I will be setting roots. Hopefully you will hear a lot more from me in the next few months.

With love, always. Lucie.