Back on the blog

After an excruciatingly long absence, I am re-committed to my blog and social media presence. I have just gotten my Endorsement from the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI), and I could not be prouder!


My new romantic rat friend, Cheryl

The course enabled me to read online supervised by a mentor, and get consistent feedback from querents. I now feel much more confident about my abilities and technique as a Reader. In particular, I have learnt how to make my readings more advice-oriented even if the truth is difficult to say!

Now that I have a lot more time for the fun Tarot stuff, I am very eager to continue writing on my blog, learning with my new Tarot friends face-to-face, teach the Tarot, read at markets, and maybe even start a Youtube channel. I am so inspired by the amazing Tarotists around me, my heart is bursting with excitement! I have also recently moved flat and the vibe is excellent there (don’t you find that spaces have a massive effect on your spirit?). I was feeling a bit stunted in my old place, but now the show is back on the road.

So keep tuned whilst I develop some fun and insightful content!