Working with the Chakras – Part 1. Root Chakra

Today I will start with you a journey through the chakras. I find working with chakras very rewarding and useful for Tarot. Have you ever had flashes of colour pop into your head during a reading? Pulled out chakra cards with certain decks?

I’ve often told myself: “I wish I knew more about chakras!” so I could decode those signs. Now I am equipped with a new booklet and balm from Perfect Potion and ready to go! I absolutely love this chakra-balancing balm and wear it on my temples every day, confident it will give me what I need. So let’s go!

Chakras are the energy wheels of the body, linked each with a major nerve plexus and minor endocrine gland. We have seven chakras in our bodies: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. They are the energy centres of our bodies, and a healthy individual has balanced chakras. Not too much or not too little!

If chakras are imbalanced, we can work through it with reflection, meditation, aromatherapy, colour therapy, and completing certain actions associated with the chakra. For example, if your heart chakra is weak, it might be a good idea to be more generous in  your day-to-day life and invite more love.

For this first edition, we will look at the Root Chakra, Muladhara, which is red in colour and located at the base of the spine. The chakra is associated with the physical and material worlds, safety and security, money, and past life / family patterns. For a tree to be healthy, it needs to be deeply rooted into healthy soil. It’s the same for humans, and it’s usually best to work through chakras from the bottom (root) to the top (crown) in order to achieve balance.

So get your tarot cards, some red stones, red candles or clothing. I’ve used red jasper and carnelian. I use carnelian for both the root and sacral chakras as it’s such a beautiful stone.


  1. Centre. How is my root chakra going? This card will point out the major influences on your root chakra and any tips to improve balance. It’s influence pervades through the rest of the reading.
  2. Top left. How do I feel safe and secure? This has all got to do with the sense of safety in our lives, through our homes, jobs, relationships and passions. This card will indicate whether you put too much or too little emphasis on security.
  3. Top right. What is my relationship with the physical world? This card covers your relationship with your physical body and the earth. Do you do enough rooting activities such as exercise or gardening?
  4. Bottom left. What is my relationship with money? This card will indicate if you have any issues or self-healing needs with money flows.
  5. Bottom right. What beliefs or patterns did I inherit from my family? This card is all about the family conditioning we have received. Is it propelling us forward or holding us back?

Today I have used the Psychic Tarot for the Heart for the centre card and the Osho Zen Tarot for the other cards.


  1. 6 of Earth, Giving and Receiving

My root chakra seems healthy, and does best when I am giving and receiving. To me, being rooted is all about the exchange of love with others. I am attracted to the green light in the card, and I’ve recently completed a mala necklace of malachite and carnelian, as I believe my my root and heart chakras work hand in hand. The deep red colour of this card indicates that I am quite well grounded at the moment.

  1. Safety & security. King of Fire, The Creator

I feel safest when I create my own reality. The inside and outside of the sage are connected – there is no difference between his inner and outer self. I am my own spirititual masterpiece and creation. My sense of security derives from my own inner vision rather than any external outputs. If you feel safe in your heart, you feel safe anywhere!

  1. Physical world. Key 12, New vision

My relationship with my body and the physical world is unique and about my own dreams and visions. I work as a conservation biologist and I am very passionate about the state of our Earth. Through my unique vision, I develop my own relationship with the physical world. The pose of the man also indicates that Yoga is my jam!

  1. King of Winds, Control

We are getting into the shadowy aspects of the root chakra. I have to say, I exert so much control of my spending that I sometimes take the fun out of it. I really struggle with the idea of in-flows and out-flows of money. The centre card provides some self-healing advice: it is good to be generous to myself and others.

  1. 2 of Winds, Schizophrenia

The Schizophrenia card speaks about our perceived separateness with the universe. We are all one consciousness, but it’s easy to perceive ourselves as separate and fighting our own battles. As my family lives in a different continent, I can feel quite excluded. There again, showing generosity and committing to family life (even remotely) can put me back on track.


To finish off, I would like to leave you with some beautiful affirmations on the root chakra.

“I am responsible for my life. I can cope with any situation and my needs are always met. I feel safe and secure. So be it.”

Let me know how you go with the spread!