Working with the Chakras Part 2. The Sacral Chakra

It’s week two of the series and this week I have been working with Svadisthana, the sacral chakra, which also means “sweetness”.


The sacral chakra relates to ideas of sensuality, pleasure, sexuality, but also more complex and deeper ideas of creativity, movement, and flow. I find it disappointing that most people only know Svadisthana as the “sex” chakra. There is so much more to it!


The sacral chakra is ruled by water and therefore associated with the creative flow and emotional happiness of our lives. Whilst the root chakra provides life’s material building blocks, and a sense of happiness through safety and security, the sacral chakra enables us to be fulfilled because we are in line with our higher motives and what we really want.


imag1518_1I associate the sacral chakra with the Chariot in Tarot, with it’s watery elements. If the water is dammed, there is a creative or life block and this energy is either repressed or expressed in the wrong areas (e.g. through sexual or mental obsessions).



The sacral chakra is also the seat of fears. Not fears of the unknown or difficult pragmatic situations – rather, the fear of not getting what we really want (and all the ways we can shoot ourselves in the foot to prevent ourselves from reaching our dreams). Having a healthy sacral chakra is therefore very important to live a deeply fulfilled life.


Today I have drawn for you a five card spread, courtesy of the Sacred Rebels oracle by Alana Fairchild and the Tarot of Delphi by JD Hildergard Hinkel.

  1. Centre. The state of your sacral chakra. The energy of this card pervades through all others.
  2. Top left. How do I feel pleasure and flow in my life? This cards describes whether you are immersed in the sea of life at this point.
  3. Top right. How am I creative? This card will identify any creative strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Bottom left. What is the role of sexuality in my life? How do you express sensuality and how is it affecting other areas of your life.
  5. What is my relationship with fear? This card describes how you may fear not getting what you want or truly need.


Here is my reading.

Centre. 23. Defend to the end, the worthwhile.
I have picked this card before and I think it will take me a few pulls before I fully understand the ramifications of this card. To me, this card is all about defending my dreams. I feel my sacral chakra is healthy, although expressing defensively. I can probably work with being more open whilst remaining true to the meaning of the card.

How do I feel pleasure and flow? Nine of Coins. To me, pleasure is all about material success and protection. I like being comfortable, successful and independent. I also have a certain sense of discipline to achieve my goals, so pleasure doesn’t override my life. Rather, it is contained and directed into the most useful avenues. The peacock feathers and poppies are associated with the Roman goddess Hera, a goddess of sensuality and feminine power.

How am I creative? Two of Coins. I am most creative when I am juggling multiple balls at the same time. I like my FT job, Tarot hobbies, and other creative pursuits, and my life wouldn’t be full without all of them.The rectangular structure behind the juggler there again indicates my need for some structure behind my games (the Emperor is one of my birth cards). I also love the playfulness of this card. Creativity is fun!

What is the role of sexuality in my life? Five of Wands. Nothing like a little competition in love! This card shows a woman playing a badminton-like game, reaching for the top and exerting herself. The light blue colour of the gown signifies that open communication is very important to me in matters of love.

What is my relationship with fear? Eight of Swords. This is my stalker card. I experience fear when I repress what I truly want and do not defend it till the end (see centre card).This fear is an illusion and a creation of my own mindset. Instead of a productive flow of water, the waters of the sacral chakra become stormy and disrupted. I need to centre myself in what truly matters and keep faith.


I hope this spread was useful. Ciao!