New Challenges: Joining in the Wear Your Joy Project

Challenges are what keeps our spirituality alive. I am no stranger to challenging myself and I believe e-courses are one of the best tools to grow and discover new parts of yourself. New insights can be achieved through channeling our attention on a range of topics, whether these are photography, meditation, art, or business. Join me while I challenge myself with nine heart-centred e-courses.

My joining the Wear Your Joy Project by the fabulous Kelly Rae Roberts is sparking me to take up my blog again, after a long year of absence! A lot has happened in the last year, but rather than writing a whole boring essay about it, I would rather tell my story through clothes. I discovered Kelly Rae’s e-course through the 72 hour bundle sale from SuperHero Life – 99 USD for nine top notch courses, who wouldn’t want to jump in? My future blogs posts will focus heavily on these courses.

I’m no stranger to completing self-development on-line challenges and e-courses. First I tried out the Creative Dreaming Incubator by Andrea Schroeder. While this sparked my love of challenges, I didn’t really get into the creative dreaming creative method, so after the ten-day challenge I decided to move on to the paper copy of The Life Plan by Shannah Kennedy. With a real Aussie/Melbourne vibe, and a clear focus on brainstorming and structuring all aspects of my life, Shannah’s tools helped me over-haul my life. It helped that Shannah seems to be a type A over-achiever and perfectionist with a tendency to burn-out: these were exactly the words I needed when my last job was causing intolerable stress.

Going back to the beginning: a lot has happened in the last year (and not just about Tarot). I started a job at a different Australian university; I got permanent residency; and I moved in with my boyfriend to the suburbs, and we got a puppy. While all these changes have brought a lot of joy and pleasure into my life, it was difficult to adjust at first. While on their own none of these events are destabilizing, moving from the inner city to the suburbs felt like much more of a blow than moving from London to Melbourne. Actually, it felt like I got delayed shock from living in 11 houses in 10 years, living in three different countries, and travelling around 3 months of the year for the last 4 years.

My health started to suffer, and I was on antibiotics for 5 weeks due to a variety of ailments, only to find out later that my breathing and ENT issues were caused by a milk allergy. While my health has improved steadily over the last 6 months, I still suffer from extreme fatigue from time to time. I didn’t reach burn-out (as so many entrepreneurs, creative, and passionate people do) but I got pretty close. Now that I am no longer working in a toxic job, I take every day as it comes, and prioritizing my health and well-being is a difficult lesson to learn after ignoring my own needs for so long.

So done with the heavy, dark stuff : ) I want to share with all of you my progress and actions taken toward my own well-being. I believe in being an honest Tarot reader, healer, and psychic, and not shying away from my own shortcomings, especially when the lessons I have learnt can help others.

As Kelly Rae states in the Wear Your Joy Project, our sense of style is deeply related to our sense of self, including who we were, who we are now, and who we want to be. I love the fact that she proclaims: “Style is NOT superficial!”. As a minimalist and chronic house-mover, I have a love-hate relationship with my physical belongings: do I really need that many tarot decks or clothes? I regularly de-clutter and KonMari my shit. I clean my shoes, repair my clothes, and keep my things in good order, knowing that clutter and broken objects can deeply affect the energy of a household. But when the clothes are on me, that is a different question.

So what is my intention with this challenge? To feel confident again. While I generally feel confident, I don’t so much about my style right now, due to a variety of reasons. First, I lost 8 kg over a year (not purposefully), and while I have bought some new clothes, I still need to adjust to my new weight (actually, my 16-year old weight …). I probably lost the weight from stress and health issues, which again creates a somewhat negative association with this new physical persona. Kelly Rae speaks of owning her body again after giving birth, and resisting giving away cherished clothes that no longer suited her. I anticipate to face this myself.

Another factor affecting my confidence is environmental. Now that my boyfriend and I share a bedroom, I mostly get dressed in the semi-darkness as he continues snoozing. Our shared closet is tidy on my side, and not so much on his, which again, is not optimal (for me). We don’t own a full-length mirror, so I tend to leave the house with no real idea of how I look. I know I also neglected my appearance when I was stressed or disinterested in work: wearing make-up again is a positive sign for me. Finally, we own a 48 kg Bernese Mountain Dog, so I am quite precious about not getting my clothes dirty or destroyed.

In this challenge, I want to question these beliefs or perceived barriers that decrease my confidence. Kelly Rae suggests starting with an item or experience that really sparks joy. At first, I couldn’t think of an item that ticked that box: a lot of my clothes are impractical, too big, or too tight. But the knitted cotton top from Gorman sparked my attention. I love the grey colour mixed with the pink and blue. It’s warm, comfortable, and quite sexy, being a cropped top. It’s a bitch to wash by hand but I will ignore this for now.


As for experiences, I had to go far back into the past to find a truly joyful experience. I have been quite body-confident in the last 3 years, but prior to that my uni years saw me facing extreme negative self-talk and an eating disorder. In my teenage years, I was very self-conscious of how I looked (like a lot of girls and women are) and teased by school-mates on my cooky emo style. My best memory was from childhood (around 10), wearing a bright pink crop top with a stitched, colourful bowl of fruit. I loved the top so much that when I was too big to wear it, I made my giant hippopotamus toy wear it.

So, how can I integrate this piece of myself into the present (beyond buying more cropped tops). Well, I love being playful with my clothes and wearing lots of bold colours, but with tailored, simple shapes (I’m French after all). Now that I work from home I don’t need to wear work-appropriate clothes all the time. I can also figure out some fun outfits I don’t mind the dog slobbering all over. I feel a lot more confident that I can nail down a style that is vibrant, makes me truly happy, and reflects my current life changes.

I hope this blog has sparked some inspiration with you all. Throughout this challenge I will be tracking how my spiritual energy responds to these changes, and hopefully provide some recommendations on wardrobe revamping and style for spiritual folks! If you haven’t already, get on to the 72 hour bundle sale!

Blessings, Lucie.

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