Priorities Spread

Are you looking for a spread that effectively guides your actions and focus when choosing among multiple options? The Priorities Spread is designed to intuitively help you decipher where each of your priorities is at: this could be, for example, your diet, your exercise regime, and your meditation regime. With no strict spread positions, it’s perfect for intuitives to get a bird’s eye view of their priorities.

When we don’t have the time or money to do everything, we have to prioritize (I used to work in conservation prioritization, prioritizing which species to save from extinction). Tarot also helps us tune into the timing of our lives: there are ideal times  (for example determined by astrological transits) to do certain activities, and by tuning into these divine timings we can increase our returns many fold. A Tarot spread focusing on different priorities in therefore a key tool to get our intentions and timing right.


I have used the spread to help me allocate my time to my three business activities: editing, creative writing, and tarot reading. I used the Chakra Mindset Balance Oracle cards (see my unboxing video here) for an overall summary of where I am at with each activity, and the Linestrider Tarot for actions that I can take to effectively work in these areas. Please note that I have only used upright cards for the Tarot positions – I always use the Linestrider with no reversals, but I also believe that upright cards give more direct meanings for this personal spread. You can read the Tarot card positions as goals or guiding lights, something positive to encourage you along the way. So let’s dive into my position interpretations!



I was very happy when I saw the Happy card. The card indicates that I should enjoy this time exploring a new career path, broadening my horizons, and acting with confidence. The Seven of Pentacles shows that like the bower bird, I am collecting accomplishments (for my CV and cover letters) and waiting for the seeds of my job applications to grow. This card speaks of long-term effort and careful planning (very appropriate for an editor) that will result in financial success (the King of Pentacles). The Pentacle cards make a lot of sense because editing is my main money-earning job. The spread suggest I should leave it ticking in the background for now, as things are already in motion.

Creative writing


The Grounded card shows me that I can get inspiration from nature and see the magic in every day. This is also a key area of growth for me: the tree represents the tree of life, and linking my physical experiences with metaphysical experiences. All in all this is the main priority for me now, according to my intuitive interpretation of the Oracle cards. The Queen of Wands is a perfect ally for my creative writing endeavors: I need to show a lot of willpower, and acknowledge my darker sides (indicated by the dark splotches on the Linestrider card). I will have some surprises along the way (the Hanged Man) that will lead to revelations and spiritual awakening. I need to release myself from old belief patterns (the red ropes tying the tiger) to reveal my true creative nature. If I can do that, I can go through a phase of deep creative inspiration, and develop a different view on the world.

Tarot reading


The Receptive to Others cards suggest to me that I need to spend a bit more time doing market research to truly understand what clients need from a Tarot reader. I can also create a client base from the relationships I already have, from my network. I can let down my defenses and connect with others in a truly reciprocal manner, for example through collaboration on an upcoming Tarot challenge, or commenting on Instagram. The Knight of Swords and High Priestess encourage me to write and communicate intuitively. This is not the right time to seek in-person reading opportunities (e.g. at markets), rather I should focus on my blog and Youtube channel. When I express myself clearly, others become receptive. I should also focus on what fuels my intuition, and what nurtures my inner High Priestess.


A few observation help interpret the spread: all Oracle cards relate to the base chakras (work, security, willpower), all Tarot cards relating to editing are Pentacles, cards for creative writing focus on creativity and illumination, and the cards for Tarot focus on communication and intuition. The two major Arcana are located within the creative writing and Tarot realms.

From this, and my own intuitive reaction to the cards, I will focus mostly on creative writing as this is a true area for growth for me (the Grounded card and the Hanged Man trump all other cards), with Tarot something I can also focus on (especially in relation to writing), while I can leave my editing work tick in the background : )

I hope you found this spread useful. Let me know if you try it, and how it goes!