Priorities Spread

Are you looking for a spread that effectively guides your actions and focus when choosing among multiple options? The Priorities Spread is designed to intuitively help you decipher where each of your priorities is at: this could be, for example, your diet, your exercise regime, and your meditation regime. With no strict spread positions, it’s perfect for intuitives to get a bird’s eye view of their priorities.

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New Challenges: Joining in the Wear Your Joy Project

Challenges are what keeps our spirituality alive. I am no stranger to challenging myself and I believe e-courses are one of the best tools to grow and discover new parts of yourself. New insights can be achieved through channeling our attention on a range of topics, whether these are photography, meditation, art, or business. Join me while I challenge myself with nine heart-centred e-courses. Continue reading


Noticing the signs

Today is all about reading the signs. Reading Tarot is all about waking up to this inner pull, the search for symbols, in the cards and within our lives. Why would we read the Tarot if we did not believe in meaningful messages?

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Back on the blog

After an excruciatingly long absence, I am re-committed to my blog and social media presence. I have just gotten my Endorsement from the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI), and I could not be prouder! Continue reading