The Golden Tarot by Kat Black is the deck I initially learnt with and feel most comfortable with. I love its Medieval and Early Renaissance images, and the beautiful gold gilted edges. This deck ideal for career readings, as the sharp collages make for pragmatic messages!



Coins-04The Tarot of Delphi. I am in love with it and even blog about it! I’m partial to Victorian and Edwardian artists (Dante Rossetti, John Waterhouse, William Morris), and Greek mythology. The deck gives some mysterious and deep spiritual messages, and resonates very strongly with my intuition. It also has a tendency to tell me what I need to hear rather than what I asked for. For these reasons I only use it for my own readings.


Another stunning deck based on Victorian engravings, the Victorian Romantic Tarot. I nipped a cheap copy of the second edition on Ebay (it’s now out of print). Thick card stock, gold gilted edges …what is not to love? Again, the imagery is very evocative, but is closer to the RWS. I use it for spiritual and relationship readings.




The Robin Wood Tarot. I discovered this deck through the excellent book Tarot Interactions. It is indeed a very interactive deck, and I get so much out of the clear outlines, colours, and attitudes of the different characters. This is my go-to deck for most readings. I have also annotated it with astrological correspondences to enhance my learning!