15th century Visconti-Sforza deck

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a set of 78 cards developed in 15th century Italy and France to play games (they were not invented by gypsies!). Tarot was then taken over by occultists in the 18th century, and since then the cards have had many uses including games, divination, creative writing, and meditation.



These days Tarot cards are mostly used in “readings” – the client asks a question, shuffles the cards, and the reader displays them in a set layout (a spread). The Tarot reader then draws meaning from the cards and/or their intuitive abilities to answer the client’s question. There are as many ways to read Tarot as there are Tarot readers. Some readers will just use the cards as cues for their psychic abilities, whilst other readers draw heavily from the symbolism behind the cards to relate to the client’s question.

Tarot provides a fresh outlook on past, present, and future energies. Tarot readings provides a map for our future endeavors and life paths. The Tarot cards are fascinating because they represent human archetypes and the common threads of human experience. Everyone can relate to Tarot cards and their evocative imagery.


What is your approach to Tarot?

My approach to Tarot is unique, and based on my life experiences and intuitive abilities. My readings are thought-provoking and empowering, and outline potential life paths. During readings, I draw on my experience of psychology, mythology, astrology and esoteric arts to find meaning in the cards.

I’m also very intuitive. My main clairs are clairvoyance (seeing things) and clairsentience (feeling things). The cards are a jump-off point to unleash these abilities.I am non-sectarian and do not abide by any strong belief system, so I do not expect you to hold certain beliefs for the reading to be useful. Come as you are!


What are your credentials for reading Tarot?

I am an Endorsed Reader of the Tarot Association of the British Isles. I’m an avid learner, and have read widely around the topic as well as related Tarot to my other interests. I regularly participate in Tarot events to keep my learning fresh.

I also take care of my own spiritual health by practicing Siddha Yoga meditation. I meditate once a day, go to the ashram once a week, and volunteer in the ashram’s bookshop. As a reader I think it is very important to clear my mind to let intuitive insights shine through.


Why do you read Tarot?

I read Tarot because it provides me with a great tool for self-reflection and self-improvement. Most people live their lives without pondering the reasons behind their actions. Reflection is the key to improving your life and the life of others. I read Tarot because it provides me with the perfect blend of left-side brain (the scientist) and right-side brain (intuitive). I can blend all my areas of interest into one tool.

The main reason why I read for other people is to enable people on their life journey. Whilst in my day job I help conserve the environment in a distal way, I also enjoy face-to-face contact and chatting with people about what is going on for them. Maybe because I am a Reformer on the Enneagram test, I always strive to make the world a better place. It might sound cheesy, but I’m a bit of an idealist! At this stage I am aiming to make my Tarot practice self-sustaining – so I’m not in it for the money.


What are your favourite reading types?

My favourite reading types are career readings. Maybe because I am so career-focused and have worked in a variety of environments (academia, finance, NGOs) I feel I have a good sense of organisations and tensions in the workplace. I’m an avid planner (hello ENTJ!) and enjoy working with people through their challenges and solutions one-by-one. In my career readings, you can expect to come home with a practical plan on where you are heading! Work is such a big part of our lives – it can lift us up or derail us. As human beings, we need a purpose and a way to put a roof over our heads. I also enjoy holistic life readings. The different parts of our lives exist as a cohesive whole so it makes sense to address those together : )


What will you NOT read on?

I will NOT do third party readings, and readings that require business/medical/legal advice. Please check my Policy & Ethics for more information. I always keep the right to not answer a question if it does not jam well with my Ethics.


 I am not sure I believe in Tarot – can I get a reading with you?

I have had great feedbacks from querents so I am confident I can help you in your quest. If you have an interest in Tarot, do your research, read around some resources, and make your own informed decision. Tarot readers have a wide variety of approaches (predictive, psychic, psychology-based …). It is important to find the right fit.